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INTERLINK Credentialed & Outcome Monitored Transplant Network

INTERLINK Health Services Inc. provides the nation's leading outcome-based transplant network. By reviewing performance indicators of transplant centers from all over the country, we have identified the benefits of receiving transplants at medical centers with proven experience and outcomes. INTERLINK clients access the network to decrease overall health plan transplant costs through improved transplant outcomes. There is a well known association between experienced transplant surgical teams and improved surgical outcomes. INTERLINK seeks to improve transplant quality for its membership through a regimental outcome review process. INTERLINK has formed this "Centers of Excellence" style network for its clients to access.

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INTERLINK Member's Choice Providers

Member's Choice grew out of client demand for access to certain transplant programs outside of the INTERLINK "Centers of Excellence" style transplant network. Member's Choice facilities are required to maintain a conforming contract with INTERLINK; however, there is no requirement to comply with INTERLINK credentialing standards for Member's Choice designation. The Member's Choice program is yet another valuable solution offered to the growing list of satisfied INTERLINK clients.
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Given the complexity and high costs of heart disease procedures, they, like transplants, are also best controlled by using surgical providers with proven experience. When credentialing providers in our "Centers of Excellence" style transplant network, INTERLINK Health Services Inc. selected heart programs which also had proven experience in complex procedures. The CardiacCARE network includes adult heart transplant, pediatric heart transplant, Congenital Heart Disease, Destination VAD and additional specialized cardiac procedures.



Cancer treatment is a large and growing expense for health plans. The CancerCARE program combines specialized cancer care management, custom designed benefit language, and a provider network comprised of leading cancer centers across the country. INTERLINK Care Management is an official NCCN® licensee allowing clients to utilize INTERLINK’s provided benefit language, which ties benefit reimbursement to NCCN Guideline® compliance.    The INTERLINK CancerCOE program provides incentives for evidence-based care in local communities through utilization of NCCN Guidelines® and NCCN Compendium®.  In addition to community based cancer management, the program also manages beneficiaries with diagnoses best treated at INTERLINK CancerCOE providers.


Please contact your Regional Sales Director or Account Manager for additional information on the contracts available in this network.